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Gracemere Child Care Centre

Early Learning 0 – 5 Years

Le Smileys Early Learning Child Care Centre in Gracemere provides your children with the opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning. We have a strong belief in creating lifelong learners. We recognise that children’s lives are characterised by belonging, being and becoming. From before birth children are connected to family, community, culture and place. At Le Smileys we support this framework and it is through our programmes and ethos of the centre that the children will excel as community members and successful individuals.

In early childhood, play is considered the key way in which children learn. We believe play is the pivotal component of our programs and the environment is carefully arranged so that children have access to a range of resources that challenge to develop new skills or practice recently acquired ones.

The program is aimed at developing each child’s confidence in their own ability, and to take on new challenges. For instance programs provide a wide range of individual and group experiences, which foster all areas of children’s development. This includes:

  • Personal and Interpersonal Development
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development
  • Intellectual Development
  • Language and Literacy Development
  • Self Help Skills

Le Smileys Child Care Centres

At Le Smileys Early Learning Centre Gracemere we believe in a pleasant, warm and inviting child care environment that supports learning with vibrant and flexible spaces which are responsive to our children’s abilities and interests.

  • Daily gathering to prepare for the day’s events, song and story
  • Electronic white board for interactive learning and computer for the student
  • Small tables and chairs to accommodate the size of the students
  • Environmental Program including composting of scraps, growing vegetables feeding chickens and turkeys.
  • Regular cooking with produce from our garden
  • Engaging outdoor area with large verandas to accommodate our hot summers
  • Daily art and craft experiences in line with the children’s interest/abilities
  • Students work displayed and updated regularly
  • Celebration of special events and community visitors
  • Older children experience excursions in our community for related events
  • Parents have password restricted access to daily Learning stories and photos of their children

No Admin Fees, No Enrolment Fees and No Fees in Advance

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